Our future growth relies on innovation.

Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity.

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Connecting Papua New Guinea through positive change

Who are we?

To transform lives of children within our communities throughout Papua New Guinea.

Our Philosophy

To transform lives of children within our communities throughout Papua New Guinea. To promote literacy through ICT enabled solutions for children in Papua New Guinea. We are committed to uphold and observe the following core values:

  • Promote literacy to children in accordance with national government‛s education policy framework.
  • Provide authentic leadership based on sound principles.
  • Promote leadership with integrity.

Telikom PNG is obliged to make a marked contribution in the area of enhanced education through technology and other vital community support through the Foundation as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Our goals

Promote literacy to children

It’s the foundation for doing well at school, socialising with others, developing independence, managing money and working.

Provide authentic leadership

Improve individual and team performance and support people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness.

Promote leadership with integrity

People who live with integrity are incorruptible and incapable of breaking the trust of those who have confided in them.

Our latest projects

Deliverying projects, transforming lives

Our Major Supporters

It is only through the generosity of many funders and philanthropic trusts, individuals and organisations that TFI is able to continue to undertake its work.