Telikom Foundation backs St Johns Ambulance service for FIFA

Telikom Foundation backs St Johns Ambulance service for FIFA

AS part of Telikom PNG’s community obligations to its people, it is proud to deliver a top class telecommunication and internet services to St Johns Ambulance Service.

Telikom PNG has provided a PABX system connecting phone lines and internet connectivity with TOLL Free numbers, this services will boost its emergency and operations Centre to form part of its communication system for the FIFA Women’s U/20 event in Port Moresby.

“St John Ambulance is appreciative of the support by Telikom. The services provided by Telikom will assist St John to implement an auto-attendant system that will filter calls to prevent false calls wasting the time of ambulance call-takers,” St Johns Ambulance Service, Chief Staff Officer, Mr. Matt Cannon said.

He says St Johns is set to cater for emergency and medical services for our international visitors during the FIFA Women’s U/20 matches which starts today.

“St Johns typically expects an increase in the number of calls to ambulance during major events and with Telikom Foundation’s funding support there will be better communication during FIFA, our emergency and medical services is being boosted and will also ensure the public are more easily able to reach St John.”  

The system will prompt callers to press a number confirming that they require an emergency ambulance. The voice prompts will be in English and repeated in Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu.

Telikom has provided:

  • A PABX system which will provide up to 8 lines
  • Out of the 8 lines, 3 can be configured for IDD and ISD calls and will be rated at the prevailing call rates
  • The balance of the lines can be used for extensions where TOLL services apply
  • Callers from other networks calling to the TOLL FREE number will be ZERO rated
  • Two direct Lines

Telikom Foundation is pleased to support the work of St Johns in providing a vital emergency service to Papua New Guinea as it continues to serve the wider community in saving lives through its ambulance emergency services.

“We are proud of the dedicated St John team that are passionate about delivering emergency medical care and helping people with emergency access to health care.”

[image caption: This is a file photo courtesy of St Johns. A proper photo will be taken during the trial and test calls with St Johns and FIFA medical team]